German meaning "extremely, above, more than..."
As in überlaut - very loud

übercool - extremely cool

PS. the line : " Deutschland, Deutschland über alles.."
dates back to 1841 (lyrics by Hoffmann von Fallersleben ) thus it has nothing to do with Nazi Germany at all
by News4me January 02, 2013
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A group of people that are the hardcore users of a system, and wish that system to remain exclusive to themselves.
Hardcore Linux geeks that wish the OS to remain difficult to maintain and hard to learn are Ubers.
by pjh3000 April 20, 2006
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anything that mercs the gb community.(Pat, Dylan, Rob, Corrao)
Wow, the uber mage pwners that merc are UBER!
by NOOBSLAYER1313131313 March 19, 2009
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German word: translation above or over

Used in the German anthem 'Lied der Deutschen' as 'Deutschland ueber/uber Alles' (germany over all others).

Used in 31337speak or netspeak meaning best, very, ultimate

Could come from the word amazing in german (Überraschen)
Über alles

Gah, uber lag :(
by predatorMC January 05, 2004
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To the extreme. awesome. its amazing and just a word to describe many things.
that was uber.

your uber cool.

by k_girl_N August 07, 2006
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I'm tired of reading all your definitions, probably cuz of wrong german grammar.
über, written uber in 'american', since american keyboards dont have the ü key, means 'above, on top of' and not awesome or something else I had to read here... thx for ur time <3
über, to write ü, hold down ALT and press 129, release, and voila! ü !1one!!1

and btw, das uber soldat is an enemy in Return to Castle Wolfenstein(RtCW), an UBER GAME, but it's gramatically wrong, it should be "der über Soldat" which has no meaning at all in German, and not "Da s Uber Soldat"...
by Das Uber Soldat January 17, 2005
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