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Written version of “You Be You” that encourages individuality and the freedom to be yourself and tell the world who you are. Made popular by the Domo character.

(Pretty much the best thing you can say to someone, ever)
Q: Thinking of dyeing the hair this weekend. Jen said don’t, what do you think?

A: whatever, uBu

Hey man, you gotta stop caring about what other people say about you...uBu

Why be anyone else #uBu
by JR Rider September 19, 2013
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stands for uneccessary boyfriend usage. when girls say the word boyfriend as much as possible so that it becomes perfectly clear that they are loved. used primarily by girls with low self confidence.
Marissa: so i was talking to my boyfriend today, and he was like "god marissa being your boyfriend is so neat" and i was like "yeah having a boyfriend is the greatest."
Bonnie: geez marissa, keep the ubu under control.
by cellardoor407 October 23, 2005
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A hairy Italian Jew who likes beers, baseball and geology.
'Hey Ubu want to sit on the couch all day and drink beers?'
by Mr D'amico April 08, 2009
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Unbacked underwear that allow you to visibly see ones butt while wearing nothing else. AKA. a thong.
by Mafwissa July 14, 2004
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The word said by a retarded person when they have nothing better to say because they are retarded.
teacher: Adam, fucking pay attention you dumb ass, whats the answer to number 3?
Adam: ... ubu
by aderol April 15, 2010
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An unwiped asshole.
It sucks having to drive to the store with an ubu because you ran out of toilet paper unexpectedly.
by Ubu October 23, 2003
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