In personality typology, when someone is prejudice or bias towards certain personality types, or someone who judges people based on their personality type without getting to know them individually.
"That typist! He doesn't like type eights."
by intothewest December 15, 2014
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A person who spends lots of time chatting, and chatting, and chatting - on a dating app - but never wants to meet in person.

You want to meet for coffee on Thursday? That sounds lovely , but I have relatives visiting from China and we are going to the Bronx zoo.
I’ve been talking to this guy on Grindr and he seems pretty cool, but I’m nervous that he’s a typist. I want to meet up and he keeps making excuses.
by Mikey Jew Pants May 4, 2018
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A woman who masturbates. Also gusset pianist. As in “I’ve heard she plays the gusset piano”.
by cracky March 2, 2003
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The only way she could reach orgasm was to be a Gusset typist.
by Babsy4220 June 24, 2009
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someone who sits at a desk during deployment and then later speaks of PTSD or hardships endured because of deployment.
Dude, look at Calder over there talking about hardships of deployment when he sat in the S-2 all year.... fucking Combat Typist.
by MultipleDeployer April 3, 2014
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When you inadvertently type extra letters in to the text you are typing
I typed this but realised I had typists diarrhoea.........

thekl bag wasd not on ther tabel
by chidog June 17, 2008
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The fear that one experiences whilst typing with a friend or colleague overlooking.

Capable of reducing typing speed and accuracy to the level of a preschooler.
I'm a great typist most of the time, but when someone is looking over my shoulder I succumb to Typist Terror and make a complete idiot out of myself, I hope my boss doesn't see...
by Greeenie September 21, 2009
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