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A Gypsy is a member of a racial/ethnic group known as the Romani, generally characterized by darker skin and black hair. The largest population of Gypsies now lives in Eastern Europe, however communities of Gypsies can be found in many countries around the world. They first originated in India sometime before 400 AD, and began a nomadic lifestyle that eventually took many of them to Europe. From one initial community in India they have developed into several tribes that exist from India to Spain and from Russia to Northern Africa, and each tribe consists of countless clans, which vary dramatically in culture and lifestyle depending on which tribe and clan and even family they belong to. Clans usually specialize in a single, or few trades, such as horsemanship, fishing, music, dance and entertainment, metal working, and fortune telling.
They have endured much racial discrimination in the past, which still continues today.
"That Gypsy man really takes care of his horses."
by intothewest May 22, 2015

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In personality typology, when someone is prejudice or bias towards certain personality types, or someone who judges people based on their personality type without getting to know them individually.
"That typist! He doesn't like type eights."
by intothewest December 14, 2014

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A creedist is someone who discriminates against someone else's religion, belief system, or creed.

"He is a creedist for being rude to those religious people."
by intothewest August 11, 2014

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A popular boy's name of Hebrew origin. It's meaning in Hebrew is "A Son" or "Son of".

Sometimes extended to "Benny" or "Bennie", it is also a common abbreviated name for Benjamin (also abbreviated to "Benji"), Hebrew meaning "Son of the Right Hand", or Benedict (alternatively: Benicio, Bennett, and other variants), derived from Latin (Benedictus) meaning "Blessed". It can also be used as an abbreviation for the name Reuben, Hebrew meaning "See, a Son", or for the name Corben, derived from French (Corbeau) meaning "Raven", as well for as some other names.
"Let me introduce you to my friend. His name is Ben."
by intothewest March 16, 2019

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Not a pure vegan in the technical sense, but a vegan who will include honey in their diet.
"Is she a vegan?"
"She's not a full vegan, she's an apiarian vegan."
by intothewest April 28, 2017

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