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when a person acts a certain way in one place and acts different in another.
john is two faced because he will only talk to me when his friends are around.
by flower December 09, 2003
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A persona that usually stems from a lack of self-identity, self-esteem, and/or cajones. The person is also usually a brown noser, as they try to please whomever they meet. In an effort to be accepted by the entire world, a "two faced" person will socially accomodate anyone they meet in an attempt to be popular and liked by everyone. More often than not, however, two faced bitches are usually covering up their assholism.

Sherry loved to be liked by everyone. There wasn't a person that she didn't meet that she could not be "friends" with. However, when her "friends" weren't around, she was a two faced bitch. "Damn, I fucking hate Janel; she's really a dirty cunt licking whore. Hey, I'm going shopping for Janel's birthday party on Friday, wanna help me pick something out for her?"
by rpunkboy September 14, 2007
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two-faced is when someone is nice to you in person but when not in person talks shit behind your back...
wow >name< is nice to me in person but when he leaves he just fucking trash talks me (two-faced)
by .EXcLUsiVE. September 10, 2005
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Two faced is when someone acts lik your friend and then talkabout u behind your back
you mad twofaced because u was surpose to be my friend and u talkin behind my back
by J'mani April 06, 2004
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When someone acts one way in front of you, but than when your not around has fun ridiculing you
JProc is such a two faced S.O.B when he's not around
by Payday May 13, 2006
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a person that smiles in your face and then turn around and talk bad about you
Man, i didnt kno that Dakea could be so two-faced
by kyria a.k.a. mrs.deeva May 05, 2005
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To say one thing and do another. Also to act one way on saturday, and flip a bitch on tuesday.
"I'm a Two-faced cunt that dosent really know what the hell she wants, please dont mistake my apparent feelings for you as real feelings, even though I tell you they are, cause it is in my nature to say one thing, do another, and claim to have done a third."
i.e M.E.
by Stepped on again. May 03, 2006
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