a misspelling of the word friend due to fast typing. Usually, by the time someone realizes they've typed it wrong, it's too late to fix. Therefore, because of this realism it has gained it's own definition being an alternative to the word friend. This word is most commonly used on social networking sites.
I just added your brother as a firend on Myspace.

Your profile is set to private, could you add me as a firend.

Stop sending me friend requests, I don't want to be your firend!!!!
by Emperor Chamilion June 16, 2010
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When a developer can't spell FRIEND
Small tweak in send a firend
by WTFDEV October 8, 2014
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The definition Liam would use to describe a friend, as he frequently fails at the English language, due to being a male.

Liam - "NO."
by Bekkasaurus June 15, 2011
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When your relationship with your friend ends so it ends up the fire that you both had.
Ur mom: what happened with your friend, i dont see him around here anymore
You: oh yeah, he's my firend now. He got bored of me
by Shiowo December 10, 2019
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a group chat you have on snapchat and instagram with those 2 friends who are super annoying and think they are really cool but in reality the youngest member in the group is the coolest
i am in a group chat called firends
by xoxo unknown September 17, 2020
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