She’s the definition of amazing. She defines the word Friend too. She’ll always be by your side. She’s hard working. Janel is someone who is cute, pretty, she is someone who will not give up on something she wants. She defines love, someone who never fails to melt your heart and cause you to fall in love every time you see her smile, every time she says your name…Janel is someone who will stand by your side and will always be there when the smoke clears. She defines the word thoughtful, sweetheart, caring & a bit romantic. She’s someone who never fails to make you laugh until you cry. She is someone who you can be yourself around, even though when you barely know her. Janel is probably the reason why you’re alive, someone who will sit and hold you because you’re afraid of thunder. Janel is the definition of perfect; “Having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be” Even though she won’t agree just say she agrees. Everyone knows that. Love all the Janel you meet, because she’s once in a life time. <3
Friend: Wow who is she
Friend 2: She’s Janel
by Netsssss December 28, 2017
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Sexy when u get with her never lose her has the best backside
by Hershey scotts July 28, 2017
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A beautiful hardworking person who doesn’t care what you think, she’s thick asf and has the most beautiful smile, the most beautiful eyes, the most beautiful everything, she works hard with school/work and with herself but she should make time to really relax and enjoy the beauty in life, cause they’re god damn beautiful inside and out, they deserve more than what the world can give, no words are perfect to describe her goofy serious stubborn adorable personality
“Did you see Janel today”

“Yes oh my god I cant believe they’re so pretty
by someonegayinlove December 17, 2018
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VERY pretty, nice thin body, beautiful featured girl. Insecure, bitchy, agressive, distracted easily, and stubborn at times. Loves when people talk about her. Hates when people bore her.. Is real about anything. Speaks her mind. Caring, and loveable, athletic, but girly. Has a nice butt. and Has a regular sized bust, usually afrrican american
That girl Janel is my type.
by SassyLatinaaaa July 29, 2011
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A person who has been through many tough times in her life. She has gone through more than anyone realizes and has been heart broken many times. She does not fit in right away with many people and likes to be antisocial. But once you get to meet her, she is the definition of perfection. She is kind, sweet, lovely, thoughtful, talented, funny, but most of all caring. She will make sure to put a smile on your face. She needs a shoulder to lean on many times, but she is worth it all. She loves tight hugs, but she loves a genuine and kind person most of all. She has the most beautiful eyes in the world, and she seems to be embarrassed of her fingers. But the world knows that she is beautiful from head to toe. She is very picky with her clothes and her hair has the most beautiful lavishing mix of brown and black. She is the cutest thing on earth and has the best stories to tell. Her scent is heavenly and is somehow familiar. She tends to think a lot and "sulking" is her major. She is the definition of perfact, and I am proud to say I am in love with her.
Janele is like a key to a lock. She completes anyone or anything.
by Superman Son December 10, 2013
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Janelle is a loving , caring , beautiful friend. She has a sense of humor that is off the charts. She will care about you when your down or hurt. She will be right there for you when you need her. It’s easy to find a Janelle , but hard to let go of one. If you have a Janelle in your life, make sure she doesn’t leave. She is the definition of power woman !
“Janelle is so caring ! I wish we can be friends for ever”
by Big meme dad February 6, 2019
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Janelle is one of the most beautiful girl in the world, but she just doesnt know it! She is very humble & kind. A lot of boys thinks she is mean at first but when they get to know her she is amazing. Some guys even fall for her! She is sooooooo pretty & a great friend to have. She is a good listener.
Guy: UHHH....hey Janelle(scared*)
Janelle: Oh Hey! You wanna join us?
Guy: No it's fine. I just came to say hi.
Janelle: Oh well if you need anything just ask,ok?
Guy:Oh yea,uh,ok!(walks to his friends*)GUYS IM FALLING FOR HER!!!!
by Janutella December 4, 2016
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