n., v. - When you are 69-ing with a honey and she gags on your rod and
you can see her bunghole pucker up
Even though Evelyn and I were goin' at it pretty hot-n-heavy, I couldn't help but laugh when I saw her twinkler.
by -$K- February 23, 2004
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A twinkler is someone who sympathizes with the Occupy Wall Street Protest Movement. From twinkling: "wiggling one’s fingers to signal agreement (or disagreement) with what’s being said, a way of moving along the general assemblies without (the) applause that drowns out the speakers." Wiggling fingers pointing upward signifies agreement, downward disagreement.
Did you happen to be watching The Colbert Report when a young twinkler referred to herself as "a female-bodied person"?
by cognizato December 24, 2011
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because the word fingers is gross , the word twinklers is given for the long things at the end of your hand instead.
i broke two of my twinklers
by moosi July 21, 2005
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When you have a hair on your butt that has grown so long that it dips in the water when you sit on the toilet.
I sat on the toilet and my butt got all wet from the twinklers.
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(adj.) Describes a large urban woman who listens to the crappiest r&b at full volume, while driving a ratty, late-model, domestic SUV. Songs typically have a twinkling sound in the background, which is typically drowned out by the after-market pipes on her ride.
"I almost got run over by that stupid twinkler on her cell phone!"

"I'm surprised that she could hear the phone over that shit she was playing. That bitch is such a twinkler!"

"No doubt!"
by acleverbetty September 05, 2008
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While in the 69 position, the erection is jammed with force into her throat. Enjoy the show as her asshole "twinkles" while she gags.
Twinkle, twinkle little (chocolate) star. Pete followed up the twinkler with a nice Donkey Punch to show his affection.
by JTBRNDEAD August 13, 2006
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The big ugly Hairy guy at the bar that gives a girl a sly unwanted smile.
Suzzie spotted the hairy twinkler as soon as they entered the club.
by Philclowns February 13, 2008
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