when you have a connection with somebody because you both have twins
Chelsea: I saw Landon again today.
Brandon: Really, because I just saw Prelsea a little bit ago.
Chelsea: If we weren't twin twins we wouldn't see each others twin so often.
by bravycrockett December 9, 2010
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A Twin Twin is a 12 pack of beer.
In other words, a Twin 6 pack.
Me: "Yo Byron, before we hit this party up, lets cop us a twin twin up at 7 Eleven."
Byron: "Word up, but its gotta be tha ML (Miller Lite)."
by LC January 27, 2004
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A sex act in which, the male(s), while fucking twin females, cum into the mouth of one twin and she then spits that load into the mouth of the other twin.

A play on the actual condition in which during a twin pregnancy, arterial blood from donor twin passes through the placenta into vein of recipient twin. Essentially the donor twin gets less blood and the recipient twin gets more.
Man I had a great time with those twins yesterday. They even performed a twin-twin transfusion.
by rishta September 24, 2011
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When you're the older brother to a sister three years your junior and, due to development timeline differences, you end up resembling twins your entire life. Oftentimes this phenomenon results in common themes present in actual real life twins. Twin telepathy, for example, is one of these anomalies and is described as one twin being able to access the thoughts and feelings of the other twin without any signs or prompting.

Her: hey Tom, what's that movie where -
Him: The Princess Bride, for the 7th time ?!?!?!
Her: thanks! Was stuck in my head...
Her: hey! do you want to ligh-
Him: Light up? I have a J prepped waiting for you to ask
Her: word! I've been hustling my ass all day and
Him: And you ran out two days ago... yeah, I know. I gotchu sissy
Her: Preciate' it Non-Twin Twin
by TDiesel December 16, 2019
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