1. The state of being prepared.
2. Being 'dolled up' with fancy clothes and make up to make one look attractive.
1. I'm all prepped for today's big test.
2. She's not really pretty. She's just prepped.
by pen hitam October 17, 2008
The wealthy class of teens often cruelly capitalizes on their superior access to money and social power which builds animosity within the less privileged classes. The wealthy class develop among themselves a system of dress and demeanor that is very much akin to their fraternity and sorority counterpart which eventually matures into the business and country club community of adults. Preppiness, in such a way, is really the earliest exhibition of the wealthy attempting to subvert and dominate the poor that the average American experiences while growing up.
Dirt poor bastard wearing clothes from Salvation Army: "Dude, that guy's wearing a pink sweater and looks like a cocky prick."

Principal: "Now that's no way to talk about your fellow classmates. Zack Morris is one of the wealthiest students at this school... although he is known for his hillarious shinanigans."

Dirt poor bastard wearing clothes from Salvation Army: "Look, he's got that smaller poorer kid in a headlock."

Principal: "Oh I'm sure that kid deserves it, but you can see me in detention for using the curse word, 'prick'."
by Tom March 30, 2005
Noun (Prep): Comes from identifiying one who goes to a prepratory or "prep" school (typically on the East Coast), or a school with the intent of preparing its students for college (often Ivy League).
Has come to be an label for those who conform to typical teenage behavior, in areas like clothing, school behavior, and sports participation, because preps usually are more ambitious and/or image-conscious than others.
Popular belief is that preps hate nerds/goths/punks/etc, however, generally, preps pay little attention to other "types," and those who hate preps with the most passion are those who were once preps and have recently gone away from their previous behavior, and often people who are posers intent on protecting their alternative-ness.
Prep has become to be nearly synonymous with conformist, to the point where most preps have been in denial of their typecast, and it is seen as an insult in the eyes of many.
Preppy is the adjective form, Preppily is the adverb.
The prep dreamed of going to a school that wasn't too far from where her quarterback boyfriend got a scholarship.
Bob wouldn't talk to Annie; He thought her interest in MTV and popular culture made her too preppy.
Tiffany started dressing very preppily over the summer, shedding her all-black dress code for the latest styles.
by anonymous December 28, 2004
The correct spelling of the more often used slang version of the word Preppin, which means to store items such as food, water and ammo in preparation of a disaster of any type such as a hurricane, tornado, or economic collapse
by TomTheTruckdriver February 4, 2009
A prep is a person that is totally brainwashed by the media. They wear what brands the media tells them to such as A&F, AE, Aero, hollister, express, etc. They basically only listen to mainstream music. They make fun of people who aren't afraid to be themselves otherwise know as individuals. Preps are shallow. They are monkeys --> monkey see, monkey do. The media says something's cool, prep sees, prep thinks it's cool.
As someone else on here said, "preps are the downfall of society". and they are.
THOUGH, there ARE some people that are actually not snobby, wear the "prepy" clothes because they like them, and are smart and not shallow. These people are OK they are nice. They will not lead to the apocolypse like the rest of the preps.
The media says jumping off a bridge is the cool and "in" right now.
prep: Lyk OMG I'm lyk ssooooo jumpin off a briadgee todai. OMGOMG who wantz to com.
by danyelle April 5, 2004
Preps can be found anywhere in the world, and are known as wealthy, upper middle-class people. Mostly noticed, in highschools, colleges, country clubs, and famous dinner parties.

Can be extremely shallow, and/or ignorant towards other people that are not within their socioeconomic status.

98% of all preps are caucasian.

Most of which do not earn their way to the top of the socio-economic ladder but end up there because of their parents therefore making their "significance" rather manufactured.

A group of people who may not show but can have an incredibly large amount of emotional problems... most of which are these: lack of self respect, low self-esteem (which is why they tend to disrespect and destroy the self-esteem of others who are not like them), insecurity,and alcoholism, narcotics/drugs (money = access)

Preps are also mostly perceived as narcissistic with a superiority complex; and quite possibly the fakest people you will ever meet in your entire life!

There can be however a SMALL percentage of the prep population who are NOT what was described above, but in fact the opposite.
Most preps in this world share one brain; a brain of shallowness,immense ignorance, and loss of true identity. Being a prep is like celebrating Halloween every day since they always like to be someone or something other than THEMSELVES every day of the year.

Two words to simply describe MOST preps in this world:

by Twentyfour December 29, 2005
(1) A real prep is a person, male or female who is normally a White, Anglo-Saxon Protestant, or WASP. Preps can be any religion, however. A prep is rich because of old money inherited and passed down to other generations. Preps live in Colonial style houses in New England. Preps shop at places like IZOD, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Orvis, Lily Pulitzer and other boutiques. Preppy people wear pastels, polo shirts, khakis, sweaters, sun dresses, birkenstocks, TEVAs, Docksiders, belts and ribbons. Materials of choice are wool, cotton, corduroy, silk and occasionally denim.Preps play tennis, golf, squash, raquet ball and field hockey. You will see a prep driving a stereotypical car like a BMW, a flashy Mercedes, a classy Jaguar, a boxy Volvo or any convertible (Volkswagen Beetle convertible) or SUV (Isuzu Trooper). A true prep is not spoiled and gets all good things in moderation. Preps belong to country clubs (inland) or yacht clubs for those lucky enough to live on the coast or near a large body of water. Preps go to Beer Blasts and can be stuffy. Contrary to popular beliefs, true preps do not make fun of punks, goths or any other group. Preps are not brought up mean, and do not have time to make fun of people.
(2)A person, male or female, who shops at AE, Aeropostale, A&F and other "preppy stores." Acts ditzy to get friends or seem easy. Plays soccer or lacrosse, normally. They have some money. These fake preppy bitches have no problem making fun of people/ making others feel bad and out of place This is not a true "prep" however.
(1) Bif: Well good afternoon, Martha, how are you?
Martha: I am well, thank you for asking, and you?
Bif: I picked my BMW up from the shop and went to the Yacht Club.
Martha: Oh, peachy!
Bif: Indeed.

(2) Kathy: Like oma-gah. I like broke an effin' nail. Son of a bee!
Don: Will you give me some behind the bleachers?
Kathy: Haha, duh!
Don: I'm cool because I pretend to be a prep but end up being a poseur instead.
Kathy: I am soooo dumb.. L O L!
by Dr. Doctor August 23, 2005