A people who uses the drug methamphetamine. A low life piece of shit. Someone who will steal from you in order to score meth. Zombie like
I was watching the video "tweakers" by skinny mumbles on YouTube.

The tweaker beater mafia is coming to town to get rid of our cities meth problem.
by DirtyGiggles February 27, 2012
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Typically someone who smokes/snorts/does meth. Some people who have tweaker habits but don't do meth may also be referred to as a tweaker. People who are constantly touching their face, or looking around like they think someone is watching. A tweaker can typically be one of two kinds. Either very loud, weird, unusually happy about everything (or sometimes even angry) and is that "in your face" kind of person. Or that guy sitting at the back of the bus with his hood on staring at everyone nervously because he thinks they all know he's high.
A tweaker downtown today tried to sell me meth! Can you believe that?
by LiaMiaLoshia December 12, 2014
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one who 'tweaks balls' as in one who uses the drug methamphetamine to get amped and then shakes around and talks non-stop.
I would have asked Mary to help me study for my test but she's such a tweaker --she couldn't sit still for more than 2 minutes so that's why I got a D+
by brandon December 03, 2002
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An individual who uses methamphetamine and enjoys tinkering with clocks, cars, electronics, organizing junk or just coloring a picture. They are extremely meticulous and can be easily identified by a headlamp or flashlight which is inclusive to the tweaker culture. Can usually be found in the company of shadow folk.
The tweaker moved with ninja like percission across the parking lot of his local Walmart.
by LilBunny516 January 15, 2018
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a whore, a promiscuous female who engages in sexual activity with a lot of people who they have no relationship with.
"man, she'll let anybody hit, she a tweaker."
by k_milly May 10, 2009
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