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1979 song composed by Fleetwood Mac and the Trojan Marching Band. Today, the band plays "Tusk" at almost every single event. The song has become an unofficial fight song of USC, because the students sing "UCLA sucks!" during the refrain.

Partial lyrics are as follows:

Why don't you tell me what's going on?
Why don't you tell me who is on the phone?
TUSK!!! Real savage-like bitch!
We wanted to play "Tusk" for the student section, but Tony Fox was being an asshole so we couldn't.
by UCLASUCKS April 03, 2006
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A Tusk is a small, annoying creature, usually in politics who has been promoted far above his/her level of competence. They are prone to making stupid, inflammatory statements when they would be better advised to shut the fuck up, but unfortunately they invariably exhibit all the characteristics of a brain transplant donor. Rear-minded and insular during negotiations they have a talent for retarding progress and making things difficult for everyone else involved. To minimise the adverse effects Tusks have, they should be gagged with their hands handcuffed behind them (to prevent masturbation, they are invariably total wankers and kept out of sight in a small room with padded walls.
Have you heard what that wanker Tusk has said about people who support Brexit?
by AKACroatalin February 07, 2019
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Prison slang for the active-partner in anal-intercourse
"yeah, you are new so you gonna take the lower bed, and guess who's gonna be a tusk in this relationship? Ain't gonna be you!!! hehehehe now bend over, sweetheart...
by Tomek123 September 16, 2005
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An adjective that implies complete, brutal, and utter AWEsomeness. The word pulls its beastliness from the first animal who woke up one day and realized it had tusks. Looking down at the newfound tusks, it felt the feeling that only the word Tusk can describe.
Dude, the way you macked on that girl was totally Tusk! - or simply - TUSK!!!!
by Stick Nhat Hahn August 10, 2010
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A chicks tits that curve down and out, giving the appearance of tusks.
After Nicole took off her top, i lost my boner due to the unattractiveness of her tusks.
by Cowboy Dave August 30, 2006
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In Poland a politician is called Tusk. Donald Tusk. He is the biggest looser in President Elections in 2005.
Za chwile do gabinetu owalnego wkroczy Tusk. (In a moment into the rounded office will enter Tusk) - it would be quite funny if used during a meeting of mr Tusk with president Bush when we would use the first definition, but not for president Bush
by pollack January 21, 2006
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