6 definitions by Hato Hammer

A place where the boy racers can hang and hoon around.

i'll see you at race wars biaaaaatch.
by Hato Hammer April 18, 2006
angus is to be angry or crazed.
by Hato Hammer April 18, 2006
I went cock n balls deep inside her and unleashed a torrent of womb batter all up inside her.
by Hato Hammer March 7, 2007
A computer that is outdated, slow and crashes frequently.
hato : Whats wrong with you computer, why is it so slow.

crumb : This is normal man, windows 95 is so cool.

hato : That shit aint normal, thats a block machine!!!
by Hato Hammer May 3, 2007
Sexual term with reference to the anus.
She let me stick it in her shitlocker.
by Hato Hammer April 18, 2006