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The closet thing ever that you would find to a grown up pavam boy, excellent in studies and hilariously funny
You know Tushar told this joke to me
by lucifer007 May 02, 2018
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Someone who is very tolerant and patient calm and amazing in ever u possible way ! Love him when he is around coz when he is not u will repent to hate him when he was around so don't let that chance go !
Love Tushar !
by voiceolicious September 27, 2017
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The coolest and smartest and most amazing guy in the world. Also known as "Perfect".
Dang, that guy's a Tushar, if I ever saw one.
by Dalmationlover101 May 20, 2013
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A guy who loves playing pc games, he probably built his own. Tushar's last name is probably Kumar or something. He eats tide pods for dinner though with his friend named syed.
Yo I met a Tushar on OSU today
by Tushar Humus January 10, 2018
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