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when a man cums while laying down and his legs and arms spaz out of control
Trevor did a turtle back after having sex with the transvestite for the sixth time.

Trevor did a turtle back after five seconds of sex.

Casey did a turtle back on Trevor's mom.
by BigMAC86 June 12, 2008
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When a man orgasms on a female's back, then gets her to fall asleep on her back. While asleep, the semen adheres to the woman's back and to the bed, such that when she awakens and attempts to get up, she is unable, which leaves her to flail her arms and legs like an overturned turtle.
I turtlebacked that ho' and when she woke up was stuck frontside up.
by G-lenn March 07, 2009
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When a man is banging his girl from behind and his johnson slips out in mid-motion. At this point he jams it in her ass hole and she humps her back up like a turtle shell. You can only do this if you accidentally slip out so she will least expect it.
I was banging my old lady last night and gave her a turtle back when she wasn't expecting it. I then gave her a Donky punch and finished off with a chili dog before she woke-up.
by Addadamski December 04, 2007
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