When you get drunk in a airport and miss all available flights
Man, I got Trevored at DFW I won’t make the meeting!
by Millertime69 September 27, 2019
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Trevor’s are downright amazing. Good at everything, they rarely find a game or sport or task that is difficult for them. Supportive, loyal, funny, and kind. They choose their words carefully and are the sweetest and most gentle men. They are extremely good looking but don’t know it. Bright grey-blue eyes, tall, lean, & muscular, they can complete any physical task asked of them. They are fantastic builders and fixers, and take their time to complete projects correctly. He’ll fix your sink, make you laugh while doing it, then kiss you so lovingly it makes your legs weak. Big, strong hands you can melt into. They are loyal and patient boyfriends who turn into rugged, patient, playful husbands and are the best fathers. Don’t ever cross a Trevor- chances are he’ll forgive you, but he’ll never forget what you did. It takes a lot for him to truly open up to you, and he usually only has a couple of close friends. He’s friendly but cautious of new people. Loves babies and dogs, will tolerate cats. A natural protector, lover, caregiver, and friend. Has the best laugh and most genuine smile. Nothing about Trevor is fake. Difficult to get to the core of, but when you get there you’ll never need another man. Overall, the best kind of man is a Trevor.
Man, Trevor’s the best!”
by NineOneNine919 February 25, 2019
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The verb "Trevored" Just got its way into the english dictionary
This April 15th of 2010 "Trevored" has gained a new meaning.

To be "Trevored" is when someone pays you something out of the goodness of they're heart or just to pay you in return of a favor.
Sentence: "Hey can you Trevor me a couple of bucks?"
or "Hey someone payed my loan! i've been Trevored!"
by Kreynon April 15, 2010
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daym the hottest guy ever. Trevor is a hella baddie. He takes your breath away with his cute smile and perfect eyes. Get yourself a Trevor because he will treat you right.

also if your name is Trevor and you're reading this, go and kiss that one girl who has a crush on you. like seriously. kiss her, she has a heart of gold and wants you too notice that.
Trevor has a big heart but a bigger dick
by not a fry May 6, 2018
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an extremely attractive man who usually has brown hair and always has a massive penis. One stare can cause even the hottest bitch to faint, so be prepared. Trevors tend to be amazing at sports and 100% have been proven to be successful in life, with a fortune of at leat 10 million dollars. Did we mention he has a big cock?
Oh my god Trevor, your cock us so big I might faint
by Trevd March 1, 2015
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To trevor implies going from being totally relaxed and snoopddoggily chilled to going motherfuckin crazy shit ass ballistic within 2.25 seconds.
To trevor got its meaning from that crazy fucked up meth taking piece of a shit Trevor in GTA V. If you ever meet someone whos trevoring around, you better catch that next train to Takemeaway Fromhere.

Oh and Trevorpeople also punch people for no reason whatsoever.
Trevorguy: Hey buddy how ya doing on this beautiful day?
Mexican: Oh ya sir Im fine thank you so much how about you?
Trevorguy: Would you shut the hell up you hispanic punk ass bitch!!!

(Mexican running away home)
Mexican: Ay ay ay another americano they like to trevor alot manana
by NKTE September 25, 2013
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He's the best thing that'll happen to you. He's very sweet , the romantic type. He's lovable , caring,wonderful and extremely different from all the other guys on this earth.He's somebody you want ro spend the rest of your life with.Its something about him that makes him so amazing.He'll make you feel safe and sound but most importantly loved. Trevor is some kind of wonderful. He will bring perfection to your life unexpectedly but it'll change the rest of your life as long as you have him in your life. I'm impressed by the love and affection my boyfriend Trevor gives me <3 he's the most realist person you'll meet. He'll make you feel unbelievably real, and make you stomach fill with butterflies & also make your heart race uncontolably <3 . You'll love him so much , truly madly and deeply <3
love , impressed and Trevor
by AutRose111 July 5, 2013
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