What a prostitute does, selling sex for money or drugs. The trick is the job, where a john pays for sex.
Where's Lane?
Down on Clay St. turning tricks again.
by Mercury1 October 17, 2005
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Have sex for hire, as a prostitute.
She'll turn tricks all night so she can afford a room to come home to after middle school.
by FridgeRaider May 18, 2004
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What a prostitute does. Having sex in exchange for drugs or money.
"I had my first hit of the drug when I was 17. A month later, I was turning tricks."
by Blynd Mag April 21, 2009
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phrase that describes a prostitute completing a job
Stacy needed food for her kids, so she had to turn a trick or two
by suckanuckafuck February 13, 2007
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Stems from winning books or tricks in cards. It means to trade in a winning for collateral, usually sexual favors or prostitution.
Do you have Wendy’s number? I need to turn a trick tonight.
by DixieQueen August 11, 2021
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