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1. Big smelly turd face. As in one whose face resembles a piece of excrement.

2. Long smelly turd face. As in one whose face resembles a large piece of excrement.

3. Everybody who reads this.
1. My god. Lydia. You're such a BIG SMELLY TURD FACE.

2. Oh yeah Megan? Well you're a LONG SMELLY TURD FACE.

3. Yeah, you read this, you turd face.
by Lydigan December 09, 2004
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Turdface can be used in different ways depending on the situation. Most often used in place of butthole or asshole which are words usually associated with undesirable behavior from another person.
Tina Vermillion is a turdface for not cleaning up the fresh dog poop in the kitchen that smelled up the entire house.

turdface tina or tina turdface.

also can be used in a combonation.

i.e. turdface buttlicker, turdface ass breath and
turdface turddy turdster.
by pharm1 April 27, 2008
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It can mean 3 things,
a turd on your face or a turd on somebody elses face
an ugly face, proper, proper, proper ugly face.
"Omg i just seen a turdface."

"Ew, look at that turdface over there on the corner of the street wearing a short skirt"
by charlotte and carleigh ;) April 16, 2008
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