to tap / have sexual relations with / fuck
origin: Othello, by Shakespeare old black ram is tupping your white ewe...
I love tupping your Mom.
I love to tup dat azz.
by matt guest April 29, 2004
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The state of fornicating with a sheep; generally used as an expletive.
"Well, that's just tupping brilliant..."
by 5 Neal March 14, 2004
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(v) inf (to tup)
to fuck as one would with a sheep. Recently coined as a prefix to liberty, as "taking liberty" in an extreme manner, as one would with a sheep.
'Why the tupping heck are you "decorating" my room?' or 'Tupping Liberty!'
by anonymous1212221 March 18, 2006
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Tupping is the term used for when the ewes are covered by the rams.
My flock get a regular tupping every autumn.
by richaroo May 12, 2003
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An emotion, typically consisting of contentment and mild satisfaction
Bro 1: "let's go get some burgers"
Bro 2: "food tup tup tup"
by Mitsake August 15, 2019
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another word used for the female genitalia, especially during sex
I'm dying for a bit of Tup Tup tonight
by DomDiego October 16, 2010
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