A shortened version of stupid.
"whats urbandictionary.com?"
"DANG BOY! u tupid or sumthin?!"
by C01DfuS10N March 12, 2004
When an idiot tried to spell stupid, fails miserably.
Spencer is the tupidest person I ever knew.
by W4rmFuS1ons October 29, 2008
someone who is unusual and uncommon but scares people away.like a cat
wow that justin bieber is tupid he cannot sing at all!
by shaymin10 May 31, 2011
so far past stupid that you lost the s
my girlfriends son is do tupid
by cookin dat chow January 2, 2021
Shorter term for stupid
1. Idiotic
2. Worthless
That shirt is so 'tupid.
by V December 18, 2004
Tupid-say is stupid in pig latin
Translation:You’re so stupid
by yuki..02 March 3, 2021
Stupid is a bad word and it goes like this: ******, But $tupid goes like this: $tupid
Well, that's $tupid.
by Saetern June 19, 2018