9 definitions by cookin dat chow

when your lady washes and preps that pussy real nice for eat.
man, becky cleaned that pushy good ...IT WAS CLEANTOPIA !!!!
by cookin dat chow July 4, 2023
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what everyone is gonna be drinking soon .
hey man you got any more bidamin water , no bro I just drank the last of mine , we gonna have to get some more
by cookin dat chow December 29, 2021
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that means they don't really know anything about what you are asking , but they wanted to say something so they don't seem like they don't know what is going on
I was at the doctor waiting to see doctor due to covid-19 symptoms and when I asked the receptionist when I was gonna see the doctor the receptionist told me , sooner rather than later , I hope so cause I feel like I'm gonna die
by cookin dat chow December 29, 2021
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a straw or hay clothed dummy you use to fake people out .....
I thought my roommate was already asleep in his room but then I went to invite him to this bitchin party and it turned out it was a hay boy in his bed !!!! damn he already went to the party without me !!!!
by cookin dat chow November 5, 2022
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so far past stupid that you lost the s
my girlfriends son is do tupid
by cookin dat chow January 2, 2021
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