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Quite Simply the Sexiest Man with the most Sensual Voice on this Planet.

Oh, Yeah, and also the lead vocalist of the 80's band, Duran Duran.
It is my dream to fuck Simon LeBon while listening to *Hungry Like The Wolf*, in *Rio* on *Planet Earth* as my *Reflex* makes his pants *Come Undone* while *Saving a Prayer* for the *Wild Boys* during a *New Moon on Monday*. *Nortorious*......
by V August 3, 2004
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india and pakistan do not cross the line of control
by V October 7, 2003
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1. n. Refers to a person who is dumb, usually used in the context of a mindless action.
1. He's such a gotard.
by V February 15, 2004
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someone/thing who is nasty, ugly or unattractive.
She thinks she's all that with her Louis Vuiton and Prada and shit but her face is rotted.
by V August 24, 2004
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1. A person being a mix of indonesian and dutch. After the dutch came to colonize Indonesia, it was used as a derogatory term because they were considered mutts and weren't totally accepted by the dutch or indonesian people.. but not anymore...i should know i am one.
2. a blend of marijuana
what nationality are u?
i'm indo
Indo U know!!
by V October 22, 2004
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Euphemism for fat. Used in conjunction with bbw
I'm a cuddly girl.
by V January 28, 2004
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