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The act of giving a female a shocker using the thumb and index finger for the vagina and the pinky finger for the anus.
My girlfriend wanted to play around so I flew in the millennium falcon while her parents were gone.
by V November 15, 2004
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to be Rainbow Bright Fag-tac-ular
"welcome to san francisco.. were its MilleR-R1 Time every time... =)"
by V July 14, 2004
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india and pakistan do not cross the line of control
by V October 7, 2003
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MonkeyFu ownz0rs
by V December 12, 2003
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a mix of caucasian, black, and asian.
usually either very hot or not.
the rock is almost there he just needs some white in him...whooo he's fine~
tiger woods is a cablazin.
by V October 22, 2004
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1. n. Refers to a person who is dumb, usually used in the context of a mindless action.
1. He's such a gotard.
by V February 15, 2004
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guys are pricks all of them, there like a TV they always change. and wen u do change it, its not da same like b4.
by V August 7, 2003
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