An area of the male body encompassing both the penis and testicles. First used in Kick-Ass #6, written by Mark Millar.
I had sex for two hours and now my whole tunk is aching.
by pulledup March 2, 2010
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a card game, the object is to have no cards in your hand or to have the lowest number ex:if i had two 3s and you had a ace you would. you start out with 5 cards in your hand then a strait
of three cards or more in or three of a kind ex: if i droped a 2 of clubs and if you had 3,4 of hearts you would not be able to spread .also you can not hold a spread only if its aces .the way you "tunk out"or"tunk-tisy" is if ex:i throw out a 3
and (if you already spreaded)you have two 3s then you spread wit dat you win and i owe doubble.same as if i droped and you are lower then i am.tapin a spread is when if you have 3 in your hand and i spreaded with three 3sif you tap my spread (put a three on my spread)
then i have to wait three turns before i can drop .for any other questions ask your local black man
man im about "tunk out" on this trick a$$ mark...give me money punk
by da damn plane May 25, 2004
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A fat person who eats too many hot pockets and dosen't do anything else.
Adam is a tunk......stop eating those hot pockets!
by jessica March 28, 2004
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A blow or punch. A hit. Being embarassed or shown up.
Oh man, I just tunked him in the face.
You got tunked when his girl slapped you.
by robert January 15, 2004
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To be completely tunked is to be on a Caffein high.
it also is a replacement word, and a nickname.
"Hey, tunk how do you feel about meeting up and getting completely Tunked"
by Tunk July 29, 2006
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A massive bender, where you get completley wasted, Don't belive Emenem he thinks it's some competion you can win some skunk in.
Give us that keith you owe us, as i need it to go on a massive tunk
by Anonymous March 12, 2003
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