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(noun) British reference meaning "jail"
Tell me what went on, or you'll be spending tonight in the nick!
by Jake February 20, 2004
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When someone has no real comeback so they just reply with "Shut up nobody likes you!"
kid 1: I am a better sniper than you In Call Of Duty
kid 2: No! I have 9 kills with a scope this game
kid 1: But i have better overall skill
kid 2: Shut up nobody likes you!

The nick is a classic move
by JustDyna May 19, 2018
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Caprisun and vodka mixed. When you want an adult drink but can't handle any more alchohol. Order "The Nick"
I'm drunk but want to keep drinking, fix me The Nick
by Jumper82afar September 21, 2019
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The Nick is beyond description, which is why this definition is just an attempt to show how you should feel about him.

If you've wondered what could make your life a tad special these days, there are a lot of possibilities.

Some people surf in the water with a shark and come out alive (reassuring).
Others do crazy hikes they will never forget (a wee bit dangerous).
Others will meet a Nick.

(Or do all three of the mentioned above)

This Nick will make your life special.

He will be the person that waits for you, not knowing if there is even a chance you could be together at all. He will try to be there for you, even though you two aren't in the same place. He will not listen to people who say it's insane to hold onto something so unrealistic and his hope will turn into optimism.

At this point you should have noticed that there is a Nick in your life and that this is something to be grateful for.

If you do your part and don't give up you'll discover that all the waiting will result in you being the happiest version of yourself.

You will already notice that you've liked him a little more every day that he has been waiting for you.

And then when you'll meet him after all this time, you don't ever want to be without him anymore.
I have the Nick in my life.
Nick, I love you.
by Justatadcute:)) October 06, 2017
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