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n. The most hardcore and manly type of engineering known to man.
Business major: "What do you major in bro?"

MechE major: (in a deep booming manly voice)"Mechanical engineering."

Business major: *shits his pants out of awe and fear*
by FYAM April 14, 2009
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Mechanical Engineering is a discipline within the engineering domain which deals with the application of the principles of science (especially Physics and Mathematics) and economics in the synthesis, analysis, design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, and/or decommissioning of machines, tools, and systems, and materials in order to solve a problem or meet a need. This discipline serves to solve certain technical challenges facing society such as energy supply, provision of transport infrastructure like railways, and the manufacturing & the supply of needed materials such as steels and other alloys.

Mechanical Engineering is a very broad discipline which includes the following subdisciplines: Metallurgy, Thermal Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Production Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, and Mechatronics.
Mechanical Engineering is integral to other disciplines like Aerospace & Aeronautical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Civil Engineering.

People who practice or study Mechanical Engineering are called mechanical engineers. An undergraduate programme usually involves the study of such courses and subjects like solid mechanics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, mathematics, basic electrical/electronic principles, and control theory.

Written by Ikeyi who studied Mechanical Engineering at college.
Godwin studied Mechanical Engineering at MIT in 2018.
by The Martian. February 12, 2019
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