the opposite of a wide on, when a girl finds something/someone repulsive her vagina phyically contracts
sarah: ew what a minger

jessica: yeah i know, gives me an absolute tug in!
by minny796 May 22, 2018
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1. A playful description of either male masturbation or a handjob. Characterized by the tugging action on the penis.

2. A small boat used to pull ships.
Dude, Joe is not getting any tug tug tonight. What a dumbass.
by Haneef November 10, 2007
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To have a wank i.e. to stroke an erect penis until orgasm and ejaculation
Last night, Brad had a tug with his friends
by JammyJack February 19, 2006
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A method of foreskin restoration where the penis shaft skin is stretched over long periods of time to form a facsimile foreskin.
He is restoring his foreskin by tugging with "T" tape.
by sephfx April 14, 2004
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1. Noun: Hand Job
2. Verb: To masturbate a man's penis, to give them a hand job
Person 1: Will you give me tug?
Person 1:
Carl and Maise are under the covers right now
Person 2:

Damn, is Carl getting the Lurps or the Tugs?
by AndIStillMoveOn October 11, 2010
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