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It's a word for a nigga's attitude and vulgar behaviour seen by ther men and the anger stereo types that are plagued by black women and their bad attitude they can do. (This can be pronounced to your liking just make it sound ominous.)
Boy look at your shoes they're converses and they look wrong on you. You know what I don't like your Niggatude!
by Mix-Race Man On Road June 30, 2019
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Speaking A Language With BG Instead Of The First Letter. Commonly Used To Talk To Others That Know To Use It And Hide What They're Really Saying In Front Of Others That Don't Know It.
Bgaste Bgann (G-Language)

Waste Mann (English Slang)
by Mix-Race Man On Road August 1, 2018
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It's when you play football at the park and you score from the goalie box!
I played Endzeez first to 5 and lost!
by Mix-Race Man On Road November 22, 2019
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A person who has a disability or condition and suffers a seizure because of it.
I got a seizure over that content I saw it was too much for me! It's because I'm malproxy!
by Mix-Race Man On Road September 8, 2019
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A person who capitalizes all the first letter to every word they like to do it in chats and and statuses. It's a habit that's easy to adopt.
Hi There How Are You?

Why did you write your message like that you capitalizer?
by Mix-Race Man On Road June 29, 2019
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