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A female supporter of Donald Trump's presidential bid. (Rarely sighted in the wild.)
Whenever The Donald attacks Fox News host Megyn Kelly, you can expect his campaign to trot out a trumpette to defend his comments.
by flemingway October 19, 2015
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An ignorant blowhard who makes a lot of noise, blindly and militantly, defending Donald Trump... Especially fond of Trolling on social media. Also known as a "Trump Troll" or "Trumpkin".
Nothing but Trumpettes and Paulbots on this Tea Party thread. The trolls have taken over.
by Duchess1963 September 14, 2015
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Shreiking banshee cult followers of Donald Trump who like it when he grabs their pussies.
Man, those Trumpettes were as gross as they were loud.
by John Small Berries October 18, 2016
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A tiny trumpet, approximately a tenth of the size of your average orchestral trumpet.
Yo playa I wanna play some brass on holiday, lets take the trumpette.
by Sandles4Jesus September 18, 2007
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Any girl who gets drunk and sends pictures of her (big) boobs to random guys on the internets.
Omg, did you see the pics that trumpette sent that guy?
by roy o February 16, 2009
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Sort of like The Rockettes, who are currently performing in North Korea, while the Radio City Music Hall gets a face lift. Rhymes with Strumpet. But, as Camille Paglia proclaimed, there are two kinds of prostitutes. Ones that make money, and ones in your home town that go down on "you" the reader. A Trumpette has enough self respect to make some cash, unlike her protesting counterpart and rarely gets burned by the media frenzy and lawyers, because of her feminine whiles. Trumpette's also play an important part of the book of revelations. As god said:
"For on the last day, the angel Gabriel will blow his Trumpette"
Depeche Mode: I don't want to start any blasphemous rumours.
Matt Maher: But, on the last day Gabriel will blow his Trumpette.
Def Leoppard: Armageddon It DUDE. ARMAGEDDON IT.
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by HearMyName June 17, 2018
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