Verb: A phrase which means when you get your hands on someone, followed by what you're going to do to hurt them.
Prize Fighting Champion: "I'll tell you what, big guy. When I get that ass, I'm going to tear it up with my bare hands so thoroughly, nobody will be able to tell whether you were a human or a pile of food."
by Gohan Barracuda August 23, 2018
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i phrase commonly used to describe ones attraction towards something....
*hott girl/guy walks by

*u scream "GET THAT ASS"
by timmy April 4, 2005
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similar to getting shit canned, to 'get the ass' is to get fired from your job
Michael: Peter if you dont get your shit together you are going to get the ass

Peter: you think they would really fire me over a few million of missing stock?
by dufix July 11, 2008
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The act of getting sex usually from a woman.
I'll feel better once I get some ass!
by Sean the G March 29, 2006
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getting your ass reamed to be harshly reprimanded or criticized for doing wrong or supposed wrong doing to be made an asshat and feel embarrassed
getting your ass reamed for coming into work late is not a good feeling you get made an asshat and feel embarrassed in the end when its all over
by bluebear January 2, 2020
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