A person, usually female that is really ugly.

Someone that is a cross between a troll and a frog.

Of close relation to the troll family.

Oh my gosh, that girl is a bloody trog!!


Oh my gosh have u seen that trog!!
by OBC, Taz October 13, 2005
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Comes from the word troglodyte, meaning a prehistoric cave dweller.
You use it to talk about girls who are ugly sluts.

It originated on the island of kauai at kula school.
She's such a trog, she's fucked every guy at school.

D Mar is such a trog, she fucks a new guy every week.
by Merrr<33 October 29, 2007
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A miserable excuse for a girl. Usually chunky and and painful on the eyes, but thinks highly of herself. Generally surrounds herself with fellow trogs. Often ginger and moronic. Speaks in volumes ten times higher than necessary and gives no respect to the people around her. Trogs are a safety hazard. It is recommended you follow them around to clean up after them and unplug their appliances.
Brah howz that trog, who invited her?
by kungfumastas February 10, 2010
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A native American , tends to trog around town looking for more beer and kfc. Trogs were once a proud people.
Look Dad ! A real trog!

That was so Trog of James to eat out of the trash can.
by Joeydre August 17, 2011
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A slutty female. Sleeps around with state beach rats, wears shorts and uggs on a daily basis. Will suffocate you with perfume. Trogs usually spend there time at the beach, hanging out in downtown carlsbad, smoking, and sneaking out at night to party with the RATZ. Hardcore trogs have lots of sex, ditch everyday, and do ecstasy/shrooms/acid everyweekend.
Dude, have you seen that blonde chick? straight trog!
by notsomeoneforanyone November 12, 2009
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