A racist name for a white person. Implying that their ancestors were feeble/ignoramus beings that took shelter in a cave. Thus resulting in their lack of pigmentation in skin and lightly colored eyes.
Bill: " I went to a party on the North Side last night and everybody was giving me weird looks!"
Dick: "What are you doing hanging out with those cave dwellers anyway? They really get under my skin."
by SamboStalin November 7, 2011
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a queef or fart yet to be expelled
i cant fuck right now i have a cave dweller
by culinarythug February 5, 2010
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A person who doesn't get out much or at all. Very commonly a gamer. Can also be a person who simply feels like he/she doesn't really add up with people.
Person: You need to get out more, you're such a cave dweller!

Cave dweller: Whatever... *proceeds to play Dota, lol and wow*
by Philosoraptr June 7, 2015
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Pejorative term referring to ones proclivity for anal sex, typically reserved for homosexual males.
That Carl is a real chocolate cave dweller.


I'm no stranger to chocolate cave dwelling.
by Turdf69 May 4, 2016
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This is a sex position in which the woman sticks a butt plug in her Anus for a month and then removes and shits on the upper lip of the recipient.
My girl said when i get home she will give me a cave dwellers mustache!
by Bignlackballs January 14, 2022
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a group of random people that sit around and play with themselves. They get bored of just playing with themselves so they throw random shit around such as fruit, yogurt and other various food items of choice. They make loud noise that scare off the other creatures in the school. DONKEY ASS. that is all. They all usually mooch off of the the blonde kid in the corner for her food. Her mother is very generous ;D
random cave dwellers: 'HOLY FUCK I'M BORED *throws an apple*'
by FAGGOTS FOR LIFE September 22, 2010
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A person who spends a lot of time in the anal cave
"Rick Norman is a right old anal cave dweller...
hes been dwelling in that anal cave for so long hes got frackers the size of stalagtites".
by Mike,C March 25, 2006
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