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An unindentified and seemingly useless picture of an air vent. Many people have speculated that it was related to eon8, but none have been proved. This is simply a picture of an air vent. Check it out if you will, although it is sort of creepy. It feels like a screamer.
Manuel: i wented 2 eon8 on june 31th and gott'd scared
Nigel: ya?? well i goed 2 eon5 and got creept' out lol
Manuel: ya dey r unanswerd
Nigel: yup g lol
by Niggadicks July 4, 2006
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To smoke a joint or drop a tab, and then stick your leg out into a crowded interesection, interfering with the path of any testicals that may be walking past - thus causing them to fall over.
-Lars sticks his foot out without noticing that a pair of testicals are stampeding across the road. They run into it and fall over, spilling semen everywhere-
by Niggadicks January 6, 2008
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A female, or obese man, who plays the trumpet best with their breasts. Pressing their breasts together at mad speeds creates enough air at the right frequency to both blow air through the trumpet and push the keys.
Mary received an A in band after displaying what a good tit trumpeteer she was.
by Niggadicks April 13, 2006
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One of those annoying partial erections. Not quite hard enough to masturbate with, but hard enough to be seen by people if you stand up. They're also rather difficult to get rid of, because by the time you get one you want to get the rest of the erection.
Jason: brb getting milk -gets up-
Mom: You're semiboned, son. I don't need to see that.
Jason: -.-
by Niggadicks July 5, 2006
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A small, usually cylindrical and aluminium depository for semen. Portable, easy to carry, and often mistakable as cans of soup.
Fred: Shit, G! I thought I was makin' some cream of mushroom soup... but fuck! I really cooked up the contents of a sperm canister!
Jason: fr0ffle
by Niggadicks July 4, 2006
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A term for tobacco, particularly when used in a bong.
"I need a bit more spice for this hoot, brah."
by Niggadicks June 17, 2009
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The period of time in which a person is incapacitated after spicing out - usually accompanied by sickened groans and more puking.
"Fuck, I smoked an eighth of maul hoots and had a mass spice out session last night."
by Niggadicks June 17, 2009
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