when one does something clumsy resulting in the falling on one's face or butt. usually an embarassing occurance.
She was tripping all over the place and hurt herself badly.
by a white brotha November 01, 2004
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The time in between the meeting and/or introduction of two people, and when they officially form into a couple.

During this time, both both members hold amourous feelings for each other, but have yet to admit it, and to others may appear to already be a couple.

Similar to being friends with benefits.
Don't you think it's sweet? They were tripping for the longest time until one day, he presented her with a rose..
by Tsuyuko January 07, 2006
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When you are acting as if dased, cncotrllable of your actions, possibly drunk, or after the consumption of drugs.
Nigga I aint trippin', it was only 2 pounds.
by Monty January 03, 2004
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The act of getting oddd bakedd and thinking you're in an episode of "Foster's home for imaginary friends".
Bro i think we ran way too many gravs, i think i'm tripping right now. I feel like gucci mane right now
by topgun1263 December 13, 2017
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Adopting the ideal emotion of a third-party.
The man was tripping. He acted like an offended victim and told his girlfriend 'you can't do what you want' when he saw a woman hitting her boy.
by Bart Simpsonian November 16, 2016
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One of the largest CoD virgins, posted a photo of him fuckin a girl that wasn't actually him and exclusively plays BO3 sl's.
mom #1: "i'm so disappointed in my son, he's failing all his classes"

mom #2: at least he isn't trippin g lol"
by bossman bosey August 31, 2017
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For college students, it refers to the late night trips to the library; late night studying at the library or any study hall facility
"Hey what are you doing?"

"I'm just tripping until I finish my essay."
by VicePres June 25, 2009
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