The standard residence of off campus college students in Worcester, MA. Also home to prostitutes, drug lords, and other low income residents.

In Worcester, triple deckers are consistently home to spiral staircases and sliding windows in the back stairwell.

Most college parties in Worcester that do not happen at a fraternity will happen in a triple decker. Larger parties will happen on more than one floor of the same triple decker.
We're going to the triple decker on Goulding Street for the "White Trash Party"
by Rushmore June 14, 2004
any employee taking a 3 week unaurhorized vacation and still having a job when he returns.
Carl pulled a triple Decker on his boss Troy
by H Bizzle December 7, 2007
Similar to the Upper Decker only instead of deucing only in the upper tank of the toilet, you shit in the upper tank, the actual toilet bowl and on the floor directly in front of the can leaving a saucy trail of beef stew for the victim.

The preferred standard for performing the Triple Decker is to eat 400 EXTRA spicy buffalo wings, Indian food and White Castle and/or Taco Bell prior to shatting everrrrrywhere.
Josh: Kevin from work throws the worst goddamn parties

Alex: Ya man, I'm gonna go Triple Decker the shit out of his bathroom.

Josh: Pun intended?

Alex: No - seriously
by JManNYC2010 December 21, 2010
When someone takes a dump and gets up because he thinks he is done, only to realize there is still shit to be shat. Sits back down, takes another dump, gets up and needs yet again to sit down to complete "the triple decker".
Tony ate so much burritos in the car that he had to pull over at the rest stop for a triple decker.
by sko January 31, 2005
A sex act involving three people, 2 males and 1 girl. First one man lays on his back with an erect penis. A girl then lays on top with the erect penis inside her anus or vagina, doesn't matter. Then a second man will get on top of the girl and insert his erect penis into an available hole (vagina, anus, doesn't matter).
When doing a Triple Decker your penises can touch inside the woman
by stinkywhitedick August 20, 2015
Similar to a double decker, except that an additional poop is left on top of another object, i.e. car, roof, mailbox...
Haha Jones didn't know that I actually did a triple decker in his computer CD drive!
by Word12 November 10, 2004
Three midget women one on top the other. Top one is making out with guy, middle one is taking the D*ck. While the bottom one fondles the testicles of the guy.
Bro last night I had a triple decker with a group of fun sized ladies!
by Iggywithapop November 18, 2017