1. A very good looking women, who is respected by friends (particularly your boys) who is having sexual relations with a number of partners on a casual basis

2. Someone you can have sex or get with, without being looked down upon for

3. Sexy slut


Barry Vargus while living in the Salvation Army in Saugus, MA
may he rest in peace
"Come here Jen, turn around for me you little trinket."
by IggyA April 09, 2009
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A person, generally well-dressed, of little practical worth. These people tailor their every aspect to impress their equally worthless peers, but have no practical skills. A burden on society.

A trinket forfeits his or her own opinions, ideals, and personality to fit in with whatever social group with which they have aligned themselves, they often make up for their transparent personality by dressing quite conspicuously to fit in with their 'friends'.

Extreme cases of trinketism show a complete lack of ambition outside the main objective of impressing their companions, some of these cases expend so much effort on this front that they never grow into a responsible, contributing member of society.

Synonymous with Tool,Poser and Worthless.
Used in slightly different context can be synonymous with Punk, Hoodlum, Delinquent and other related terms.
"Get off my lawn you lousy trinkets!"

"She used to be my friend, but she's turned into such a trinket lately."
by Chitin July 14, 2009
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A word used mainly in the early 1700s to describe sexual intercourse with a non living person or animal.
Father: hey son guess what i did last night?

Son: what dad?

Father: i had some real good trinket with your dead mother last night.
by Samhamington June 16, 2018
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Much like a fag hag, the word used for a girl who excessively hangs out with a gay man or men but one that is drop dead gorgeous and fabulous.
Sarah is always dancing at the gay club with Stephen; She is such a trinket!
by J. Aaron October 12, 2007
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to be fu**ed up in a way; to suck
yo man thats fu**in trinket, why'd he do that to you?
by shan m. September 27, 2003
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