copilot: are you ready for takeoff sir?
pilot: yeah almost i’m sippin tris
by sir bill macerall January 06, 2021
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On three substances
Lauren and Connor were tried at the bar in Mexico.
by Bossman100 May 02, 2021
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the coolest guy you will ever meet!!! Hes very nice and fun to hang out with. He is very caring, usually asian, and loves kpop! He is amazing enough to dance choreos with you and make you smile and luagh everyday!
Why can't you be like Tri?
Man I love Tri!
by brokengirl2110 April 03, 2019
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Tris is the most beautiful girl around, sarcastic and confident while still kind and humble. When she fall in love she falls hard. all the boys want her and all the girls wish to be her, if you find a Tris love her and show her that you do.
"hey look theres Tris!"
"wow she's so pretty, I wish she was mine"
by 8abygirI April 12, 2019
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Joe: Why are you training so hard?
Snowflake: I need to get into shape for an upcoming tri.
by mikwat May 22, 2004
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a person who has many issues, usually relating to health, maybe asthma or allergies. His dorky appearance and his face in general may make one kill oneself. His name can be referenced in a sexual connotation. This person usually tends to have no friends and can't make any. Also one who is not nerdy but geek or dorky
"Man, dont be such a tri!"

"Check out his branch!"

"Hey who brought the tripod"
by dag345 April 15, 2010
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