the most sexiest, heroic, lovable guy with a huge dick that has a very good use to it..
Tri gets girls everywhere he goes.
Girls lets Tri do anything to them.
by Tri September 11, 2004
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Task Related Injury Syndrome- This occurs when your fine to do something fun, but as soon as something boring like chores come up, you become sick, tired or injured so you dont have to participate.
SON: Mom, can i go play XBOX or wrestle with my friend?

MOM: Yes thats fine

Now you have to empty the dishwasher

SON: Ahh mom my fucking leg is killing me

MOM: Just your TRIS acting up..
by peegrpako May 06, 2009
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the name tris means that he is very wealthy and dont take no s.h.i.t so if you see him around give him money then you will well safe blud.
oh my god there is tris got any money
by tristram March 09, 2004
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A typical indian name. a useless man who excells at nothing in life. He is a snitch, cannot take social cues and becomes very awarked very fast. He is unintelligent, and is incapable of making funny jokes. He cannot spell and is difficult to deal with and is extremly socially awarked and will easily create an uncomfterble situation. He is chronically obese and bears a physical resemblance to the fictisious starwars character "jabba the hut". He is useless at sport and is a lardass.
Fails to participate in group activities but froths at the mouth when he hears his tribal indian music.
FOATH, i just saw Triss in his full glory. Quick you better wash your eyes out with acid
Mate, i just saw Tris and mistook him for a sack of garbage
by Cooncheese May 16, 2017
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Joe: Why are you training so hard?
Snowflake: I need to get into shape for an upcoming tri.
by mikwat May 22, 2004
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a person who has many issues, usually relating to health, maybe asthma or allergies. His dorky appearance and his face in general may make one kill oneself. His name can be referenced in a sexual connotation. This person usually tends to have no friends and can't make any. Also one who is not nerdy but geek or dorky
"Man, dont be such a tri!"

"Check out his branch!"

"Hey who brought the tripod"
by dag345 April 15, 2010
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