A person who is filled with fly and blinding coolness with a sprinkle of ninja skills that fail from time to time
A boy wants to have a cool moment, so he performs a stunt by sliding over a desk suavely...but he fails and attracts no attention. He is a trick.
by BallinNinjaTrick August 13, 2010
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A hoe or a slut that only wants dick. A person that tries to get pussy but can't get it so they resort to getting dick.
People like my little brother. Ugly ass hoes in compton. Bitches; A trick
by James 4445009 December 06, 2009
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as a verb: to trick
-to promote prostitution; to whore

as a noun: trick
-one who whores; one who is being whored

1.) "Dez tricks is mah business. Dey bring it in, den we roll it up"

2.) "I was drivin' down south junction and the 'llac was there. Nola, you know how she is. Yeah, 20 in da front for her shit."
by L0nd0n May 29, 2006
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GOB Bluth on magic tricks: They're called illusions. A trick is something a whore does for money.
by H. Arnett June 28, 2007
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a) A female who is a slutty tease and has very few morals

b) A female who says she will cheat on her boyfriend with you and ends up rejecting you

c) A girl who flaunts and teases. Usually a bitch about it, she be saying that she doesn't care that girls hate her and all she needs is men. That is untrue of course because she really wants to "fit in" with the other girls.

d) A slutty girl / women that gets around. its normally used in a bad way.not usually meaning something good

e) Kendra
a) Kendra is nothing but a trick

b) Do you know a trick named kendra
by M.O.B M.O.E A.O.B August 23, 2009
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Someone who spends money on hoes. A John, or a stupid fool who gets "played" by a slick bitch for his money. Someone ignorant to game.
"I'ma make these suckers recognize I ain't playin' hoe
If you violate off the top, TRICK, you gotta go"- Whoop that trick
by Honeybear187 October 27, 2008
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slut, hoe, biatch, GC girls, bamma, loser,
This trick thinks shes all that because she got a new bun.
by Keesha December 06, 2004
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