a trick is a ho's customer, hence turning a trick.
that trick had a nice caddy, so i stold it
by doug March 11, 2005
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A person who spends money on women in hopes that they will like them only to get disrepected and disregarded. A trick is usually a delusional man who likes to chase a woman he will never have .
Derick is a real trick. He spends a grip on Shanna knowing that biootch is still f-ing other men.
by thamilkshaka January 04, 2006
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a woman that does one of the following

1. plans something with a guy (or anyone for that matter) and suddenly cancels or has "a cousin come into town"

2. messes with a guy's head and makes him think she likes him when she doesn't

3. is just a straight up hoe
"man, that girl i used to hang around with is a major trick and wasn't worth my time"

"that girl angie is a big trick, AND she got beat with a ugly stick"
by Bob Fox February 23, 2007
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In gay circles:

(n.) a person with whom one has casual sex.
(v.) to engage in the act of casual sex.
I took the hottest trick home from the bar last night.
by Perspective July 05, 2003
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a) A female who is a slutty tease and has very few morals

b) A female who says she will cheat on her boyfriend with you and ends up rejecting you
Wow, Megan spent the night at my house and didnt even give it up. What a trick.
by Mike Michael August 06, 2009
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A tease. Someone who wears low cut shirts, flirts too much, and puts out too little. darcyism molly b
Sometimes they like to put, on their myspaces, of course, as their occupation "Scandalous Whore", and in a rare moment of self reflection, "Trick".
Ah, they also use boys to get revenge. Poor boys, they think they'll get laid, but alas, the vag eludes them yet again!
Occasionally, they like to misnomer their peers, but never, ever to their faces. Always, always when they're near the relative safety of thirty feet away. Tricks like to think they're great wits, and they believe they are the coolest thing, what with the "Free Hug" shirts, lip piercings, coloring their blond hair brown, and laying "dibs" on boys.
But really, the only think a "Trick" is is insecure.
Don't bother. Not only will she not put out, she'll be fishing for compliments.
She's not worth it.
"You can't hit on him, I called 'dibs'!"
"So," Chris said, "Darcy's a total trick, right? How lame. She would still totally put out, I think. So. Girl, you got some thighs!"

by Miss Irina June 11, 2008
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a person or thing that does the opposite of what society expects them to do. What they end up doing is generally annoying, frustrating, hurtful or illogical. It can be an organization like a school, a class course or a man or woman.
He said we would definitely hang out next week when he's free since he had a major paper to work on this weekend. That trick never texted me.

The professor told us the exam was going to be right like the practice one - but it was so much more difficult, almost impossible! That professor is such a trick.

I came to this school because they said it would be easy for people to study abroad. Now that I'm here, I have to go through a million protocols and conflicts just to get my application ready; and no one said anything about extra costs. This school is such a trick!
by RealStudent March 25, 2013
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