A person that you have sex with just once.

"We didn't date, he was just a trick."
by Tomahhtoe March 18, 2009
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generally describing a girl. who lies about everything. whether it be that a guy asked her to dinner, who she hooked up with, or how she got scars on her wrist. generally very fake. Goes to church then parties. Very cocky and stuckup. also generally a terrible driver.
oh, you know that rachel? yeah, she told me she dug a bottle cap in her arm. what a trick!
by willlywonka November 10, 2010
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a person or thing that does the opposite of what society expects them to do. What they end up doing is generally annoying, frustrating, hurtful or illogical. It can be an organization like a school, a class course or a man or woman.
He said we would definitely hang out next week when he's free since he had a major paper to work on this weekend. That trick never texted me.

The professor told us the exam was going to be right like the practice one - but it was so much more difficult, almost impossible! That professor is such a trick.

I came to this school because they said it would be easy for people to study abroad. Now that I'm here, I have to go through a million protocols and conflicts just to get my application ready; and no one said anything about extra costs. This school is such a trick!
by RealStudent March 25, 2013
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a mean way of saying hoe, whore, slut, player, skank, etc.

it can also be said as "trickass"
you know that john dw seo over there? hes a trick. stay away from him.
by EFFYOUDONGWOOK January 11, 2010
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Bitch ass hoe whos intentions with a boy are to get,money,sex like a tease has a bitchy ass attitude like this Hoe nicole
Kid1: Ayo how are you and your girl doing?
Kid2:Oh that bitch I dumped that bitch
Kid1:word did you pipe or get wop?
Kid2:yeah i got some love for my trouser snake from her that trick but she got alot of money out of me and ate all my trix cereal while being at my house that hoe!
by BrickCity July 17, 2005
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An act of prostitiution, or a prostitute.
She turns tricks to earn some extra money
by boo January 19, 2005
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