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while playing basketball, if you get fouled on a shot AND make it....
"he takes it strong to the hole...(gets fouled and make da layup)AND ONE BABY!"
by Tara January 5, 2004
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One who follows and understands the workings of JRR Tolkien's trilogy The Lord of the Rings.
She has duplicates of Gandalf's robes, shes such a Tolkienian.
by Tara March 1, 2005
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adjective, short for tricked out. like when something of material value is extraordinary or above average/superior in quality.
Kenny's ride is trick.
by Tara January 5, 2005
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A person who's body is in the shape of the child toy "Weebles". They are round all over and if you were to push The Weeble over it would spring back up because everyone knows Weebles "teeter and totter but they don't fall down".
My stinky-ass FORMER roommate Laura, aka the Midget, is the human Weeble.
by Tara May 17, 2005
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abbreviation for T_Tizzle; sad
I got run over by a freight train today, tizzle.
by Tara August 31, 2003
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A Low Cost Provider on the "Big Whore Network". Her singing abilities have been compared to Hillary Duff and make our ears want to retreat! She's also the Original Korean.
"If you don't stop acting like that people will think you're a Tava!"
by Tara March 28, 2005
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