1. (adj.) (abbr.) Totally tricolore; immature.

Arises from the use of the French language textbook 'Encore Tricolore' in England. The same publication also gave birth to the practice of drawing phalluses and/or baguettes over the forehead, mouth, anus or mullet of any person photographed in any foreign language textbook.
'Yeah, he actually laughed at the word "booby". Totally tric.'

'Just saw the girls playing netball in the gym. They're all at least eighteen, but the way they mince about in those skirts they all look completely tric.'
by J-Dubya November 29, 2003
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when a girl appears to be thic (wide hips) but when she turns around you realize she is actually flat
"Wow dude Michelle looks so thic"
"Nah bruh... shes tric thic... she ain't got no ass"
by cheka.26 December 23, 2017
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A fake Intellectual word, used in humor to signify the action of combining ingredients, or putting something together to make it work!
After you put all the components together and "tric-ca-late", you should end up with a mixture that looks like this.
by talk2me-JCH January 24, 2021
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Short for tricycle; refers to underagedness.
She looks young, but she's off the tryke.
by Daev November 08, 2003
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When nerdy/dweeby people try to be cool by playing theme songs to their favourite computer games (e.g. halo).
Mike: That Xavier kid thinks he so awesome playing guitar.
Stuart: He calls it eleet-tric guitar.
Mike: What a douche.
Stuart: Yeah.
by Tom is The Chode. August 26, 2008
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