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1. (n.) A period during which sexual intercourse is freely available; sometimes used with a male personal pronoun i.e. 'winter of my/his dick's content'.

Derives from the so-called 'winter of discontent' in 1978/9 when then Prime Minister of England, James Callaghan, was perceived as having let trade union negotiations break down.
'I've just met this new girl. Total nymph: wants to do it in the Folk Music section at HMV. Now is definitely the winter of my dick's content'.

'God, I just got back from hers. Is there any ice in the freezer? It may be the winter of my dick's content but I'm as sore as a sailor in a nunnery'.
by J-Dubya December 1, 2003
1. (n.) A pleasing ambience.
2. (adj.) Relaxed, intimate and/or prefacing intercourse or sexual activity.
Related terms anti-vibe, vybe.
'Man this place has such a vibe'.

'I had a real vibe with her by the bar, now she's gonna eat my banana'.
by J-Dubya November 30, 2003
1. (adj.) (abbr.) Totally tricolore; immature.

Arises from the use of the French language textbook 'Encore Tricolore' in England. The same publication also gave birth to the practice of drawing phalluses and/or baguettes over the forehead, mouth, anus or mullet of any person photographed in any foreign language textbook.
'Yeah, he actually laughed at the word "booby". Totally tric.'

'Just saw the girls playing netball in the gym. They're all at least eighteen, but the way they mince about in those skirts they all look completely tric.'
by J-Dubya November 30, 2003
Much like "off da hook" this term applies to an event or place that is particularly good and/or fun.
This party is crunk, yo.
by J-Dubya October 31, 2003
1. (v.) (perj.) To move or act in a way that implies homosexuality.
'You should see him mincing about, limp wristed with his knob out. I tell you mate, that sort of thing shouldn't be allowed in communal showers.'

'Christ no, he'd get slaughtered in a fight. Have you seen the way he minces about?'
by J-Dubya November 30, 2003
1. (n.)/(adj.) The opposite of vibe. To be lacking in vibe.

Related terms: vybe, vibe
'That girl has no chat. Major anti-vibe.'

'It was totally empty, nobody but the DJ. Total anti-vibe.'
by J-Dubya November 30, 2003