An adjective of the original noun dweeb. Typically a male by origin that lacks sufficient testosterone to stick up for themselves against a bully, a conflicting idea, a controversial issue, or other aggressive attackers.
He is a dweeby twit who exhibits no courage to stick up to their beliefs.
by Words Have Meaning October 29, 2015
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Dweebis is a word used to describe someone who has a lot of body hair, doesn't shower, chain smokes, drinks way too much Mountain Dew, plays video games all day, and likes to swear at everyone.
"My cousin Chris is a dweebis"
by modifiedbeauty March 09, 2010
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A hirsute, troll-like girl
Isn't Maggie a dweebis?
Yes. She is irrefutably a dweebis.
by TheFalconCaCaw September 16, 2013
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stanky ass weed boyyyyyyy
I am going to purchase a fat sack of dweebie asap.
by fucking nate June 14, 2007
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a nerd, dork, geek, spaz, dweeb, wonk
The Breakfast Club
BENDER: Dork...
BRIAN: Yeah?
BENDER: You are a parent's wet dream, okay?
BRIAN: Well that's a problem!
BENDER: Look, I can see you getting all bunged up for them making you wear these kinda clothes. But face it, you're a Neo-Maxi-Zoom-Dweebie!
by Nerd Alert November 16, 2005
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Invented by Judd Nelson improvising in his role in the classic 80's high school movie The Breakfast Club to describe how very nerdy 'Brian' the nerd is. He concludes, 'You are a parent's wet dream. You're a Neo Maxi Zoom Dweebie. What would you be doing if you weren't out making yourself a better citizen?'
by Naomi27 July 04, 2008
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