Triangulation is a geometric method of locating a point by first determining two angles on a fixed baseline. It is used in times of war to locate hidden radio transmitters, ships on the high seas or aiming an artillery piece.

In business, it is used in a different way—CEOs, for example, triangulate on employees or other sources of information to be sure that they are getting accurate information which is mission critical to any enterprise’s longevity and sustainability. CEOs know that direct reports often tell them what they think the CEO wants to hear instead of the unvarnished truth. That is a reason why many CEOs like to speak directly to customers and suppliers—they disintermediate everyone else.
“Tom Sanders (played by Michael Douglas in the 1994 film, Disclosure) is a manager at tech company, Digicom. He is told by ambitious executive Meredith Johnson (played by Demi Moore) that the drives they are working on are failing at an unacceptable rate due to Tom’s negligence (in software design). Only by triangulating on Meredith (by checking with two independent sources) does Tom discover the truth and save his career—that Meredith had authorized a cheaper solution (they are using a lower level clean room) which is actually causing tiny specs of dirt to foul operation of their new drives.”
by Prof Bruce February 21, 2010
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Triangulism is the belief that the ultimate omnipotent force is the Triangle. The Triangle consists of three components. Crayon, a physical manifestation of piety. Maths, the logistics in which substantial mathmatical evidence supports the thesis of the Triangles strength. Cool-air, the benevolent forces of forgiveness and comfort.

Triangulism rejects and denounces the notions of Circularism, which proposes the strength of the circle over the Triangle. Triangular scriptures say that the Circle was once a square. But, tired of subversion, the square rounded it's edges and corners and proposed an opposing kingdom to the Triangle.

Mathmatical evidence suggests that the Triangle is the strongest polygon, and no other polygon can exist without two or more triangles. Humans are viewed as Cones, both triangular and circular. Because of this, the Triangle is understanding of human frailties and imperfections and therefore doesn't condemn humanity. However, those who willingly take the side of the circle are condemned to the circular kingdom.

Peace is at hand. Rejoice, for the Triangle hath defeated the circle and it's ally, copper.

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by Mextazectaces-prophet June 28, 2005
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A way of determining the position of something using mathematics and/or technology. Most commonly used by people who don't know any trigonometry.
by Engineerd July 2, 2019
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In a triangular form. This could be any thing that has sets of threes. Put them in a triangulated form.
i have triangulated my three...
by Lol YrX October 17, 2014
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1. The three pieced tool you use to draw triangles in drafting and such.

2. Captain Triangles dolphin companion.
1. "Hey man, you need to use my triangulator for that math stuff." - Kid in Math

2. "Quickly, Triangulator, TRIANGULATE WITH ME, NOW!" - Captain Triangle
by mothball June 28, 2005
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The are of non-penatrative sex.
So you didn't have sex with him, but did you partake in triangulation?
by mynameispete December 29, 2006
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Triangulation is the process by which some external stimulus provides a linkage between people and prompts strangers to talk to other strangers as if they knew each other
if a bench, a wastebasket and a telephone are placed with no connection to each other, each may receive a very limited use, but when they are arranged together ie{ triangulated }along with other amenities such as a coffee cart, they will naturally bring people together.
by chenthurraaghav November 23, 2013
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