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Is the state of being named Trevor. There are many people named Trevor and most are successful kind people who love soccer.
Man 1: wooah look at that guy driving that Lamborghini!!
Man2 He looks so cool and is showing his trevorism nicely!
by Madrista4life December 14, 2013
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A concerted attempt to explain a word, phrase, or concept in which you have no experience or expertise.
β€œIn an attempt to explain how badly the Bernie Sanders healthcare plan, Mike pulled a trevorism when he rejected the economic premise of the strategy with no factual basis.”
by sl0anage February 23, 2020
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A belief in which Trevor is, made, and can destroy everything. Whatever happens it's because of of Trevor, from your mom dying to you failing that test next week. There are two main commandments of Trevorism; don't disrespect Trevor and don't praise any other God besides Trevor.
Girl 1: Did you hear that the power went out in shawty house last night, when she started talking bad bout God like damn that Trevorism ain't nothing to fuck with.
by Trevor worshiper September 14, 2019
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