A recreational pastime involving drug-induced positioning of one's body directly underneath the rail supports of a railroad trestle, exactly timed to coincide with the passing of a freight train overhead.

The resulting effect is that of experiencing a passing freight train from a position a foot or two beneath the rails upon which the train passes. The resulting vibration and noise is traditionally enjoyed during night-time while under the effect of psychodelic mushrooms or other hallucinogen. As the train approaches, the increasing noise and vibration, coinciding with the shifting headlights and roar of the train whistle adds to the effect. Other variants include hanging by the hands from individual railroad ties while the train passes.

Originated by students of Texas State University, formerly Southwest Texas State University, of San Marcos Texas, using a railroad trestle approximately five miles north of town on the road to Five Mile Dam.
So dude, we went out towards Lexington on FM 969 with our nine-irons and some golf balls, picked some shrooms, knocked 'em back with a bottle of Ranch dressing, then when our gums were tingling good we went out trestling at Five Mile. It was a wicked rush!
by Bibbity-Bip September 1, 2006
A trestle is a rigid frame used as a support, especially referring to a bridge composed of a number of short spans supported by such frames.

Trestling is a sport where a person climbs under a "Train Trestle" while a train is passing above the person.
Trestling is exciting, I felt alive seeing the train sparking above me!
by whotookmynames August 26, 2010
A sport highlighted by The Big Bang Theory which combines the mental agility of Tetris but also the physical strength of arm wrestling.
What are you guys doing?
We're trestling.
I'm totally dominating in Tetris.
Yeah but you upper body strength is non-existent!
by RaphIsAwesome May 12, 2012
A threesome with the act of a male putting his penis between a female's thighs directly under the vagina while penetrating the third partner (male or female).
I had a threesome with these two girls and I did the California Trestle
by Corey Hole January 10, 2012
Fat, someone who smokes weed, and can't get any girls expect desperate hoes. He forces girls on his dick, because nobody wants it. Trestle has a chode
Did you see trestles dick he has a nasty chode
by Truth8900 December 29, 2015
Blow job on HWY 2 between Everett and Lake Stevens.
Michelle gave a trestle to her husband on the drive home.
by Fall Ball Darren September 16, 2017