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An amazing college located in the heart of Texas, San Marcos. Many people feel that everyone there wanted to go to UT but couldn't get in...well all of yall are wrong! Most people chose that school (i did) even after being excepted into UT.
One of the hardest schools to transfer into in Texas is Texas State University.
by cajun4life February 4, 2009
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Texas State University is essentially a 4 year long frat party that rich parents pay for so that their underachieving sons and daughters can get out of their hair. If you had a 2.0 in high school then you’ll be accepted here with a full ride scholarship. The students are attractive and the campus is probably the prettiest one in Texas, however the campus is pretty much inhabited by preppy white boys, and basic white bitches that were too stupid to get into UT. The only redeeming factor of this school is their borderline above average business school. Other than that tho, you’re pretty much paying for a 4-5 year long frat party. The students are entitled and Snobby Because a lot of them came from affluent backgrounds and probably saw on barstool sports a post about how frat Texas state was. Also don’t even get me started on the STDS here, if you step foot onto the campus, then you’ll pretty much get all of them.
Texas State University is a breeding ground of basic white bitches and drunken frat bros
by Chad Chett January 12, 2022
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It is the university that you go to when your're smart and/or get screwed by Texas' affirmative action rule.

Then after getting turned down by UT undergrad you get recruited by MIT's graduate finance program and laugh all the way to the bank.
Email to friend:

Subject: Rofl'ing

Oh, you got into UT because you were in the top 10%? That's so awesome! I went to Texas State University and loved it.

Yours truly,

by Meowpause June 6, 2012
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1) Located in the beautiful town of San Marcos, Texas.

2) Only university in Texas to graduate a U.S. president. Lyndon Johnson graduate from here.

3) Majority of the students are women.

1) Place students go if they can not get into University of Texas or any other university.

2) Admission requires a minimum 2.0gpa, probably the lowest addmission requirement of all universities in Texas.

3) University known for drinking, partying, and generally just immature and dumb people. *Characteristics represents about 90%(maybe higher) of student body.

4) Univerity where your chance of finding a virgin wife is very low.

5) About 50%(maybe less or more) of the student body has a STD or STI.

Professor: Hi, How are you today?

Student: I'm in college I dont want to grow up. Wa, Wa, Wa, you can not make me! I want to party and have fun and never grow up. I want to be a kid forever. I do not want to go to class, I want to get drunk. I'm not a loser, you are. Ha, Ha, Ha, na, na, boo, boo.

Professor: Well, that explains why you are at Texas State University instead of UT.
by sd2832 November 19, 2007
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The renamed "Southwest Texas State University" so that they seem less "localized". Located in San Marcos, TX, approx. 30 minutes south of Austin. Where college students attend when they don't get into the University of Texas.

They have a nationally acclaimed business school. The campus is beautiful but the town is full of Mexicans. Students go to Sixth Street in Austin or float the San Marcos River for their fun. Texas State has a bit of a "party school" reputation... but in truth it's not any worse/better than and other American University.
Look! I got a 1240 on my SAT and have a 3.5 GPA but I still can't get into UT! I'll just go to Texas State like everyone else does with hopes to transfer.
by les ecouteurs July 6, 2005
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the name of the university that all the jackwads at Texas State wished they'd graduated from
geez Marjorie, if only my parents could have contributed to Southwest Texas State University I might not be stuck at Texas State
by SWT Alumni '89 June 3, 2017
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