The Scum of humanity and civilisation, a pandemic which has hit New Zealand like a firestorm fuelled by 200km/h winds.

They listen to what the mainstream media and radio dictates AKA Top 40 pop music "cos everybody else does", watch whatever TV2 is showing (reality TV, Shortland St etc.).

They dress in whatever is fashionable at the moment - the typical female trendy wears a dress which the hemline is 1 inch away from her pussy typically with knee high boots making her look like the slutbag she is, she likes to show cleavage and show off her $600 sunglasses and $800 handbag she got from pagani or Glasson's. The male sports a beard, flannel shirt and jeans and shops at hallensteins.

The trendy NEVER Gets harassed by the police. They are NEVER harassed by the authorities or stopped by police - as long as they are white and dressed like the typical slutbag/homo trendy. In fact they are agents of "the man" in an deliberate attempt to pick on metallers/grungies/hippies/stoners/druggies/bogans/Goths/occultists/geeks and other outsiders and make these individualist look bad

Bottom line is these people need to be exterminated
Jenna Jones and Benny Brown are both Trendy lil cunts, when they where pissed as a chook down Courtney place last Saturday night and benny challenging non-trendy's to a fight, yet the cops never done anything about them, yet stoner longhaired brad bogan minding his own beeswax was arrested on the false pretence that he had LSD on him..the cops didn't like the look of him yet the trendy where abusing passers-by
by Pol Pothead October 12, 2013
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Fashionable, a trendy person has great taste in clothes...
jewlery, and other acessories.... can be a person or store, or an item....(object)
The girl I saw in forever 21 was a trendy dresser...
Wow, this is a trendy store....
by Scarlet_Mist13 June 04, 2009
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Burberry,Fred Perry etc wearin
Nova drivin,
Mc'Donalds workin

Look at dat tredy, wat a bender
by Macca October 17, 2003
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People with cousins who stand miles away from the greebo population shouting verbal abuse and threatening to kill them !
by Trendes July 12, 2003
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Word used by 'alternative' types to further shield themselves from the forbidden mainstream and put more barriers between themselves and the rest of the world.
Initially developed out of spite due to the likely verbal and physical attacks from 'chavs' or inebriated followers of mainstream activity, the term now seems to be applied with a sense of pride, to the extent of labelling and in some cases returning the verbal and physical abuse to the supposed 'trendy'.
The obvious irony in this statement is that, as is aforementioned, a select niche of society (namely, the alternative society)use this phrase almost exclusively (at least in this context) and yet they use it to somehow proclaim their individuality.
The truth, it would seem, is that it is an excuse. A way of excusing the fact that the populous don't like the way you look and the way you dress. They have their own reasons i'm sure, some well-founded, some slightly bigotted but still individual reasons that aren't incited by the media (no 'freak-bashing' music videos on MTV for example, or articles about how wrong dyeing your hair blue in the National Press). Due to this seemingly unanimous disapproval, this term is used to imply that the offending party doesn't like them because they are a trendy, and the accusing party is so out-there and hip and open-minded that the spoon-fed, publicised masses simply couldn't understand.
An element of denial is involed as well, the subculture referred to earlier has been created out of a need ot be accepted. The majority of the users of this term have not been accepted generally by their peers and seek others to share this feeling. The numbers rise and rise and before you know it, we have a group large enough to huddle together in there issues with other people and shield themselves from it with boundaries, borders, narrow-mindedness and phrases such as this.
They believe that they are doing what they do becuase they don't like what has been 'dealt' to them and are un-impressed with their peers, their government and their country in general, but that is a fantasy (too much Bad Religion can go to your head ;)). It is largely due to the fact that their extreme sense of dress WILL be accepted by a much smaller section of society, and therefore they can join the huddle. Rather like penguins.
In short, if you call someone a trendy and mean half of the emotive and spiteful definitions listed here, chances are you deserve to be treated with the same narrow-mindedness that you treat the rest of the world with.
'look at that popular brand t-shirt. That guy must be a trendy! I bet he listens to #1 song and likes #1 game and wears other popular brand'

(this can all, of course, be denoted from what the guy wears)
by Pashion October 24, 2006
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An adjective used to describe a social fad that is popular at any given time, or a noun used to describe a person who adheres to said fad(s). Although this terminology is relatively new, the meaning behind it is not, as trendies have always been a part of society. The word, for example, could have been appropriately applied in the 1970's to a 20-something hipster who donned bell-bottom jeans, a big-collar open-chested shirt and chain necklaces for an outing at the local disco to "get down and boogie" on a Saturday night just like his idol John Travolta.

Likewise, the word trendy may have been appropriately applied to the alternative movement of the 1990's, in which it became cool to be uncool (until, or course, uncool became cool, at which time the alternative crowd had to find something else uncool in order to remain uncooly cool).

Trendy innovations in the 21st Century have included obsession with so-called reality TV, Miley Cyrus worship and use of social media platforms to inform others of their daily nutritional intake. A recent linguistic innovation of trendies is the incessant use of the word So to begin every sentence. The practice is most widely used in the academic community, where it is believed to signify an increased level of intellect and deep thought. As with its predecessor, the word Like, the term has quickly become a form of widespread verbal tick among trendies who want to be hip and cool, and fit in with their social peers.
Trendy 1: Like, did you see Justin Bieber on the MTV Music Awards last night?
Trendy 2: So, like is so, like, yesterday, duh!
by Warp Warrior April 10, 2015
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