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Passed-the-fuck-out. A party term usually referring to the state of unconsciousness as a result of too much alcohol.
Last night I was PTFO on the kitchen floor.
by Rufus February 26, 2003

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The Italien Word for PuSSy
Smells Like Figa,,
by RuFus October 13, 2003

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Someone who is very very stupid, but not technically mentally retarded.
I wouldn't vote for Dubya, he's a half-tard.
by Rufus April 13, 2003

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really gross
That puke was grosserific
by Rufus August 05, 2003

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When the proud proprietor of a large boner pulls his cock to the side only to let it go a moment later so that it swings back assaulting the victim's face. The lumberjack can also be done by pushing the boner downward so that it swings up and hit's the victim's chin, this is also known as an "upper-chuck."
"That bitch didn't know how to give head, so I lumberjacked her face with my cock."

"I lumberjacked her when she wasn't looking."
by Rufus June 27, 2003

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.... See
does it need an example ...
by Rufus May 26, 2004

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This is there you are Violated with a Musical Instrument
Holy Shit Dude That A Musical Vilation .... hmmmm .... feels good though
by Rufus May 26, 2004

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